♔ SOTR Chapter 150 ♔

Oh my, we’re halfway through 100 already?

Edited by: Kidyeon

I have no idea what I’ll do for chapter 200. But definitely not a mass release that I’m translating for in real time. I had even less of a stockpile for Great Demon King’s release, so that was *truly* painful.

If I gagged over last chapter, I started cackling during this one. I can’t wait for the showdown to come. 😀 I’m feeling on fire today, maybe there will be an unexpected double release? 😀

And, the teaser is extra long for this chapter because to end at any part before that would’ve been heinously boring. So I kept going until I reached a good spot.

<3 etvo

PS. matosz Imma beat you again!! 😀

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    1. Ah, fantastic idea for giveaway/raffle. I’d love to do artwork/fanfiction — but maybe should wait for chapter 300 or 400 when there’s a lot more meat to the story for everyone to choose from. Thank you for the idea!

      1. Happy to help 🙂 After all, you guys do all of the heavy lifting.

        Another idea would be to write something out in Chinese for the winner, since most of us can’t read or write it. Maybe a translation of a name/username, or a specific word? That way the only cost would be the time involved in translating, and the ability to know what some characters mean would be pretty cool.

        Edit: You might want to start taking notes now about key picturesque moments in the series. It’ll really save you some time down the road. Plus, you can float the idea of artwork in advance to give people some time to think of a composition; otherwise, the winning artwork is determined well after the milestone chapter comes out.

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