♔ SOTR Chapter 148 ♔

Voila, I have a place of my own again!

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Spent yesterday and today apartment hunting, and I’m super happy to report that I’ll have a space to call my own again next week! Whilst living at home with family is wonderful and spending so much time with family is great, but it’s rather difficult to concentrate for long periods of time when people are always walking in and out and talking to me. I put earphones in, but I can only wear them so long before my own ears want to bleed. I’d turn my speakers up, but then it’d disturb my family. Lose lose lose!

In other news, looks like some decent action is heating up again for SOTR? 😀

<3 etvo

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  1. having your own personal space / house is bliss…until the end of the month comes. 😀 😀 haha

    looking for bundled release for SOTR on this current arc. 😀 haha

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