♔ SOTR Chapter 146 ♔

Jet lag is hitting me hard again…

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This was originally supposed to be a sponsored chapter, but since I’m traveling once again (not for interviews this time! But to find a place to live so I can work on translating in peace and quiet now XD), I don’t have my handy dandy book of sponsors with me so… *stares blankly*. Yay freebie!

Thanks all for your words on how to beat jet lag on my last post! I do try to keep to as normal a schedule as possible, eat normally, do things normally. I just fade out a bit by 8 pm and real hardcore by 10 pm. Ie. 47 minutes ago. My eyes are literally closing and my mind drifting away every ten seconds. So I hope I’m typing coherently right now. 😀

<3 etvo

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