♔ SOTR Chapter 134 ♔

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There was a rather epic conversation via comments a few chapters ago about some frustration towards the author in how this arc is currently developing. Perhaps it’s because I’ve read so much wuxia/xianxia that I’m mostly immune to what some think is uninspired, so it hasn’t registered as much for me. What I did raise an eyebrow at though, was when Jiang Chen mentioned that his two best friends in the Eastern Kingdom were just that, good pals back in the kingdom.

I appreciated the author giving us closure on those two since many times these characters just fade into the background, but gosh, was this a sudden resurgence of I, the exalted son of the Celestial Emperor? Granted he did teach them the True Acupoint Resonance method so they’re practically guaranteed to break into the spirit dao, but still. I guess the passionate heart that beats in my chest just wants rock solid friendships that never die and folks that are always there for each other. XD

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