♔ SOTR Chapter 131 ♔

I set a new record with this chapter!

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL

It was a live editing session that turned into a race because I’d only had two pages done when dear Strawberry started editing. I beat her. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

This chapter is brought to us by Tamashii of Awesome and Alban B. of NY, USA! Please join me in giving a warm hand to these kind souls. You might’ve noticed that Tamashii is from awesome because well, they are! Tamashii approached me with a very innovative (to me) way to sponsor a last week, proposing to sponsor a certain $ whenever I publish a chapter. So for instance, if for every SOTR chapter I publish, Tamashii sponsors $2, and I publish 30 chapters this month, then that amounts to a $60 donation this month. Donations for chapters, and if more people join, then a scene in which a sponsored chapter is generated every three regular chapters is totally doable. (And then I never clear the queue… T_T ). Clear as mud? I want to thank Tamashii for proposing something like this!

Queue and SOTR index has been updated! Now to shift gears to a mass release of GDK this weekend.. for some reason, one chapter of SOTR took me one hr today and one of GDK took me three hours. *facethunks*

And, I happened to play a League game today in which someone saw my SOTR club tag and asked if I was a reader. *waves* I was the Braum and I’m actually the translator!

<3 etvo

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  1. The sponsor idea is like how Patreon operates. On Patreon, you can either have a recurring monthly donation (which is what Deathblade uses) or automatically donate per creator release (with the option to limit the amount donated per month). Both are good approaches.

    Thanks for all of the hard work!

    1. You’re so right. Sometimes I wonder where my brain goes. It took me so long to understand what Tamashii was proposing too. Man. *shakes head*

      1. Hey, no worries, I’m pretty sure I have you beat: the instructions for an essay test I took a few years back said use only one side of a piece of paper, so I wrote a super dense essay on one side of a single sheet of paper. I was so smug as I watched other students use multiple sheets. Turns out that you could make it as many pages long as you want, as long as you only wrote on one side of the pages. The professor thought my essay was great, but I worked way too hard on it to enjoy it.

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