♔ SOTR Chapter 120!

A most satisfying conclusion! In my opinion anyhow. 😀 Regular chapter 1/3 for the week!

Edited by: Studmonster!

Today’s chapter not as delayed as I thought! I woke up, hopped on train, traveled to interview, interview, hopped on train, traveled back home all before 3 pm. Got to love Taiwan’s wonderful public transport system. Speaking of Studmonster, he’s going through exams now but still editing chapters, what a champ! Can I ask you to leave good wishes to him in the comments so he can feel the love from the community? 😀

It seems that most shared my sentiments towards Elder Blue from the last chapter, and we *finally* got the reason behind how she made elder. Now for the O_o moment in this chapter…

<3 etvo


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