♔ SOTR Chapter 116!

When you literally want to strangle one of the minor characters…

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I see that many share my opinions of Elder Blue haha. Quickly shaping up to be one of the most annoying characters thus far in the series. Rawrrrrr!

Now, do you guys think she should die, or just suffer some really humiliating demise? Bring out the bloodhounds!

One of my favorite comments thus far: sucks that such an annoying character has such a cool name. Maybe the author hated the color blue.

<3 etvo

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I agree on Elder Blue, she never even presents any arguments she just makes a lot of noise as soon as they start heading in the right direction.

    1. I think it’s like some type of character, where they have all the thing you hate and dumped into one character. Example that I can think right now is editor in anime of making anime, too many fukups but still doing work? Discussion about him turned out to be traits of several real editors from various studios condensed to be one character.

      Have you ever wondered why the author hates color Blue? Let me give you a hint….

      Blue’s clues lol

  2. Personally I think the author should make it so that she should suffer some great humiliating thing that, either leads to her not being able to show her face anywhere, or make her take her own life out of shame. I know it sounds harsh, but she really rubs me the wrong way.
    By the way, I agree with DMR’s comment, they’re all idiots, but she just take the lead in my opinion.

  3. I hope the author makes her do the Walk of Shame from Game of Thrones…

    Except she would still die in the end… >:D

    (In other words: strip her naked, shave her head and make her walk through the city streets whilst being thrown rotten tomatoes at.)

  4. I am pretty sure its a premonition to her death by the author…

    Coz i really want to drown her into a river right now…


    Btw the for translating this series, its been one of the most entertaining one… Although its getting too serious lately given the funny start.
    And thx for all the sponsors.

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