♔ SOTR Chapter 113!

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This chapter edited by: Studmonster

My deepest apologies folks, sorry for the late regular chapter 3/3 of last week! I’ve just gotten home after a whirlwind five days of interviewing and apartment hunting. After seeing the prices of rents now, I am more motivated than ever to translate more chapters! 😀 Back to our regular schedule and sorry for making y’all wait!

Thanks to all those who tuned in to our Twitch sessions a few days ago. I was in between appointments and Kidyeon finally convinced me to do something that he’d been poking me about for quite a while, and that was live streaming translating. Those of you who tuned into the first couple of sessions saw the wall of text that stares at me overtime I start translating, the reference tools I use, banter between translator and editor, as well as the TLC process! And plenty of sneak peeks of 113 as well… 😀

Those who happen to be GDK fans as well, I will be clearing that queue this week!

<3 etvo

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