♔ SOTR Chapter 112!

Hello all! Bringing to you regular chapter 2/3 of the week!

This chapter is edited by Studmonster!

As a fun little thing, I am currently live translating chapter 113, y’all are welcome to come watch and get a sneak peek at how the process usually works? There’s very little fanfare, I just sit there and type away at my keyboard. 😀 I’m also incredibly sleepy and wanted to take a nap, so we’ll see how long this goes…

By the by, I had a submission from a reader a few days ago on what the great Swordbird army might look like, have a gander! Mobile users, be warned that there are large pictures!

I’m traveling this weekend with lots of events and interviews stacked up and no stockpile! Bear with me now. 🙂

<3 etvo

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