♔ SOTR Chapter 102!

I think it’s time for another chapter… meh heh heh heh.

etvo here with the staggered bonanza for chapter 100 of SOTR! Don’t hate me for the cliffs! I’m mass releasing to try to get over the cliff… stockpiling for this effort has basically halted all my effort on my other novels this week and I don’t even have a regular chapter for GDK tomorrow yet. ><

And, I happened to spy this at the end of last chapter’s comments, by The Wandering Dragon! It was such a nice gesture that I had to reproduce and put up here:

Self-crowned, self-titled,
Fledgling monarch, proudly fluttering

Ancient soul, youthful body,
Emerging expert, loudly uttering

Viscous debt, crimson intent,
Curses spent, Hex of annihilation

Endless torrent, familiar scent
Matchless might, solitary domination

Sinister words, exchanged agendas
Marching forth, avaricious charge

Inaudible instructions, musical trigger
Daylight still, yet eyes enlarge


By the way, we have successfully taken spots 1 and 2 on Reddit. Let’s go spot number 3!! 😀

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