♔ SOTR Chapter 100!

First off, here’s the chapter link.

It’s not a sponsored chapter, nor a regular chapter — it’s a celebratory chapter!  Special words from me, Kidyeon, after the periods!






We hit chapter 100 guys… it’s been such a, seemingly, short ride… when in fact it’s been almost exactly 5 months!  Our first chapter went up on November 19, 2015, and it’s been a pretty steady stream since then.  At first, we weren’t as fast as we are now, but it was still exciting!  I have to just say, that it’s been really nice to edit this.  I hadn’t ever had nearly as much fun editing something, until I suddenly got the translator application from etvolare! (For those of you who don’t know — the vast majority — we started out on a MUCH smaller site, where I was basically the only one still active anymore!)  It has been a blast editing these past 100 chapters (Well, some odd amount, probably 70-80 something, as studmonster and Jafz have edited before.)

Thank you to all the readers… and I would like to say… look forward to tomorrow 😉


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  1. Kind of a random question but, how do you guys do it? Japanese translator translate 1-2 chapters a week tops. Chinese translators do one every day or at least several in a week. Why are you guys so much faster?

    1. are you talking about jn novels? if so, japanese light novel chapter are, on average, waaaaaaay longer than chinese novel chapters. you can go to baka tsuki and look at how long a typical JLN chapter is and compare it to a typical chinese novel chapter. as for japanese web novels, idk, they are generally about the same as chinese web novel chapters in length. i guess it might be a lack of interest and sponsors?

  2. congratz
    you guys picked out an awesome novel
    SOTR is a very good novel with plenty of potential although not much has gone on yet and the MC hasnt really shown any epic badass shit yet i can expect those to come + a possible harem? xD
    keep up the good work
    one of my possible favorite novels so far (since its too early to judge right now but im likin it so far :D)

  3. Congrats and love the work!
    I also like reading “the nine cauldrons” that you are actively editing!
    Another good work by IET if anyone else is interested another LN by the same author of CD and ST!
    Much obliged with yours and etvol’s work!

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