♔ S🌺TR Chapter 840 ♔ & Happy New Year!

Huzzah I can sleep now~

Translated: Craxuan

TLC: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

So we’re supposed to stay up on new year’s eve as tradition to ring in the new year. Buttttt after getting up early this morning for ancestor worship prep at my grandfather’s house… cooking new year’s eve dinner… I am sewwww pooped. And, people set off firecrackers at midnight again to ring in the new year, but I swear there’s a new brand of firecrackers this year that sounds like a bomb lol. About ten of them have gone off in the last hour and every time one does, the entire house stops and we look at each other like O_O.

It is now past midnight, can sleeeeep! Just a forewarning that there will be fewer double release days over the next couple of days because of CNY. This is basically our Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter rolled into one and it’s a great, if immensely tiring time.

Pics of what I made for dinner! Huge dumplings lol. Click for the prep process~

<3 etvo

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  1. Poor Etvo XD, on my country on certain festive dates there is a custom of sending crackers on the sky, however there is a catch, the number of crackers is so high that we got ininterrupt explosion for like 30 minutes before finaly going down, needles to say this is done at midnight and 3 or 4 oclock

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