♔ S🌺TR Chapter 826 ♔

*noms on lunch*

Translated: Citrus

TLC: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

Food themed posts these days hey! I’m eating a rice burger at the moment, where the buns are replaced by buns of rice. Uber yumminess.

This chapter brought to us by Sovereign patron Erik V! *grabs all the Sovereign patrons for a Maypole dance*

*it might be so cold here that it’s addled my brains. Slept with three hand warmers last night and got woken up by an earthquake. Thank you to all the readers who checked in with me! I’m okay and so is my fam!*

<3 etvo

2 thoughts on “♔ S🌺TR Chapter 826 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Maypole dancing… *shudders* I feel sorry for those poor sovereigns!

    They have to get the rice bun right though, otherwise it falls apart and you are eating rice with your fingers, which becomes very annoying very quickly! XD

    How dare the tectonic plates shift and interrupt your sleep! Don’t they understand that you need your rest so that you can be in an optimal mental condition to translate chapters for us?

    I have eaten so very many cookies today… i blame you … no, it has nothing to do with my lack of self control! XD

    Thank you for the chapter!

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