♔ S🌺TR Chapter 822 ♔

*trundles in*

Translated: Craxuan

TLC: etvolare

Not edited~

Commencing operation wrap myself in so many layers that I can’t move. XD Fam went to grab a ceramic heater after dinner — madness! There were 10+ on the shelves when they checked this afternoon, and we grabbed the floor sample after dinner tonight… And then we had so many long minor earthquakes this evening… madness guys. Utter madness.

<3 etvo

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    1. It’s not done because Taiwan is epically hot and humid in the summer. Insulation means we’ll all literally bake inside our homes, or kill the environment pumping out the A/C.

  1. While no one has to respond to this if it is a an eyesore, can I ask for someone to explain what those earthquakes imply? I’m more dirty minded to clear headed and I think my guess is wrong

  2. … trundle…penguin walk…? XD just as lpng as tour fingers can reach the keyboard to type, or even better, talk to text! XD
    Hopefully you will be warmer next time you post!

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

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