♔ S🌺TR Chapter 821 ♔


Translated: CV

TLC: etvolare

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This chapter brought to us courtesy of Sovereign patron Onideus! *cupped fist salute* Sorry I got epically distracted by the requests below yours and messed up the ordering, but I do not in any way appreciate you any less! <3

Brrr it’s freeeezing. So houses in Taiwan have no insulation (I believe) and definitely no central heating. During the winter time, it’s not uncommon for the house to be as cold (or even colder!!) inside as it is outside. I’m wearing thick socks, sweatshirt, Uniqlo heat tech pants, and a SmartWool shirt… underneath a down blanket… T_T hahahahaha.

<3 etvo

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  1. You just need more layers. You know when to stop adding layers when you can’t easily bend at your elbows/knees XD it does sound like the perfect time to watch a movie though, just need a nice hot drink to keep your hands warm!

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

  2. ah phooey
    just light every thing on fire
    100% guarantee of the house being warm then! (effects may last a limited time. busnuss takes no responsibility for any property damage)

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