♔ S🌺TR Chapter 819, 820 ♔

Spent half the day with fam~

Translated: Citrus

TLC: etvolare

Not edited~

It’s my first time back home in half a year (!!), and I just arrived yesterday to spend some long quality time for Chinese New Year. I’m pooped! XD The bonus chapter is brought to us courtesy of Sovereign patron Mo! Please give the Sovereigns a warm round of applause, they keep them double release days going!

<3 etvo

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  1. First you use a long lunch as an excuse for the double chapters innone post and now you’re using your family? Though you did use the train trip to visit them yesterday as well… XD
    (I actually prefer them in the double post but shhhhhhhhhh…XD)

    Half a year is a while, is it a long trip to visit them?

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

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