♔ S🌺TR Chapter 788 ♔

So what’s been keeping me up is the absolutely gut wrenching cough every ten seconds…

Translated: Citrus

TLC: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

It’s literally impossible to sleep through that. I saved the dosage of antibiotics from dinner to take before I sleep… hopefully it lets me get a few hours at least. T_T The only position that I don’t cough at is if I lean forward and rest my forehead on my thermos. That uh, obviously doesn’t work lol. XD

We’ll see if I wake up in six hours again…

<3 etvo

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  1. Hi etvo,
    thanks for the chapter! Thought of increasing your magnesium and zinc intake? AFAIK zinc improves sleep quality and magnesium helps activate neurotransmitters that are responsible for calming the body and the mind.

    1. Btw etvo, you could always try my natural way to soothe coughing, just follow your doc prescriptions without fail (this is for the medication purposes), and leave the cough soothing to lime juice that you acquire by squeezing lime + adding hot water + honey (optional) if don’t like it too sour. Have a gulp everytime you cough. It works like miracle to me.

    2. Thanks for the advice! I normally don’t have an issue sleeping at all. It’s when I’m hacking my lungs out every five seconds that really does me in.

      1. the sourness from the lime juice (not lemon) and hot water (adjust yourself to your preference) that gives the soothing feeling from the itch, so it is best served hot (it isn’t revenge against your cough anyway) and wish you better soon etvo.

  2. When I’ve been plagued with a bad cough like that, i have resorted to falling asleep with a throat lozenger still in my mouth… probably terrible advice, but i was desperate! XD
    Hang in there etvo! Hopefully you will feel better soon!!!

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

      1. T_T
        well, I guess that all you can do is rest as much as possible! Hopefully you will feel better soon… or … you can start more radical ways to get better… XD
        i just did a google search, there are some crazy ones XD… eating chillis, listening to jazz, eating raw onions, eating chocolate, wearing wet socks to bed…
        anyway, back to my original point, which was that i hope you feel better soon!

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