♔ S🌺TR Chapter 702 ♔

Let’s just say if I were to pick novels all over again…

Translated: Craxuan

TLC: etvolare

Not edited~

I wouldn’t pick something near as long lol. I even distinctly remember my thought process when picking novels. I wanted something dense, something meaty, and scoffed at everything below 1K chapters. More than 2K is more like it!! Or so I thought. Yeah, I was so young and naive. XD Next one’s going to be around 1K at the most, something I can power through in 1.5 years or so.

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  1. DOUBLE CHAPTERS! (Im assuming…) You make it sound like translating this novel has really aged you! XD we do appreciate all your work though… that makes it worth it right? XD

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

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