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  1. In a month!
    Sovereign of the Three Realms – 14/12/2015

    Great Demon King – 14/09/2015

    You are translating for more than two years in general! So… Congrats!

  2. “February 29, 2016 at 10:51 am (UTC -5)

    A huge hello from the Sovereign of the Three Realms team! We’re very excited to be here and still pinching ourselves in disbelief a bit. In one corner we’ve got etvolare, translator wannabe-extraordinaire from Taiwan who enjoys exercising her verbose vocabulary and also translates PC games.”

    Our translator wannabe-extraordinaire aka celestial fluff posted chapter 53 and 54 and the date above! (on WW that is). So we are getting close to your 2 years on WW aswell!!!
    We’re glad to have you here Etvo, you and your team are doing amazing.

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