♔ S🌺TR Chapter 692 ♔

TIL… not to read Twitch chat. @@

Translated: Craxuan

TLC: etvolare

Edited: Deyna

I have discovered such a thing called player streams and had SKT on in the background, but when Bang queued up and called for Wolf, the chat started saying that it was Bang’s “one last game with Wolf”… That gave me a bloody heart attack for a while. @@

But hey! Love is finally in the air in SOTR. It only took us almost 700 chapters guys. XD We did it!! What else was in the air was also a healthy dose of sigh-ness. Imagine if you made a simple mistake that was quite minor in the greater picture of things. Someone comes up to you and goes, “It’s obvious you don’t give a shit about your job/homework/this.” Who here doesn’t react with a variant of “Uh… what?”/WTF?/Whatever/I’m done? Anyhow, I’m referring to this.

Completely incidentally, someone posted this in staff chat earlier today, I think it’s a great graphic regardless!

<3 etvo

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  1. Yes and no. Yes, one shouldn’t be overly mean… but that doesn’t mean you can’t say you dislike something… it’s only when people keep on complaining about the sh*t… especially when it’s not relevant that it’s an issue *cough cough* SAO/Star Wars prequel/Bleach haters *cough cough*.

    Just because you dislike something doesn’t mean you always have to go around complaining about it. Somethings need to be let go.

    But if it’s relevant (like not liking a specific chapter, or not liking a series right after watching it and then commenting on the site) then it’s not an issue.

    Of course, I think the image you posted is more about just being a plain jerk rather than just disliking something.

  2. Sadly I am a poor Sect Leader Etvo or I would help you by donating double what that fool was donating towards you. Unfortunately, my sect is fallen on hard times due to the current job market, but I’ll keep on reading here so that I might support in just the most insignificant of manners.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let fools get you down!

  3. Unfortunately, it is always the complainers who are the most vocal and articulate. And just cause they donate, they think that they own your time/soul… 😛 translators are real people too, just smarterer (that’s definitely a real word) with words and languages XD

    I always thought that you donate on patreon because you: like the person, appreciate the work they are doing, think its awesome they left there job to tl full time XD Any benefits from patreon are more just a bonus…

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

  4. On the internet no one knows that you are just a skeleton inside a bag of flesh!
    (But yeah don’t be mean to people. and if you have to be mean explain yourself! like this!
    *wacks etvo*
    [because she probably needs more sleep. So I make her sleep.]
    See? explained. now it isn’t mean
    [we love you etvo!]

  5. When I’m writing a dick/rude/mean/asshole comment, I generally don’t click post. That’s because to be honest I usually only write them to blow off steam for myself. Therefore, I wrote it, blew off steam, then failed to post so no one else need read it.

    Occasionally I do post, in which case it’s an issue I’ve failed to post several times before, or I’m just in a really bad mood: almost never happens.

    Does etvo even have haters? If they do post hate, I’d assume it’s a mistype post to another novel.
    We love you etvo!

    1. !! I love you guys too! <3 Good idea about not posting a rage post. I think I usually go for muttering behind my screen. *sound of something crashing* Oops. XD

  6. Spirit Realm
    $5 or more per month
    – Access to 1 UNEDITED advance chapter
    – Access to commissioned artwork of the MCs + pets

    sorry i didnt pledge to just support you i did it for the 1 unedited advance chapter that i PAID for

    dont be mad at me because thats what YOU priced it at

    so yeah its annoying when the wrong chapter is posted when all it takes is a quick double check

    i wonder if this problem happens at the higher tier donators? and how long do you take to fix it cause at the spirit realm it can be 12+ hours before its fixed

    thats what i meant when i said you must not care about spirit realm supporters and it was also meant to be a bit sarcastic because i know you do care but i was annoyed at such a easily fixable problem

    you “threatened” to remove patreon because apparently the rewards are just for show?

    heres the whole conversation since you left out my part and another dudes

    Wrong chapter posted on the link 688 instead of 690

    Again not updated, 691 posted in Patreon and WW


    lul what is that 3 days in a row? i dont think etvo gives a shit about spirit realm supporters q.q

    You are welcome to cancel your pledge if you think I don’t give a shit about my readers. Or better yet, I can go back to strictly once a day releases so there’s no chance I’ll ever make a mistake with Patreon. The last time you commented, I accidentally gave you guys advance advance chapters because the second release of the day hadn’t posted on WW. Cheers.

    so yeah that ticked me off and i removed my pledged imo you overreacted i didnt mean to come off as a asshole but honestly that was the “meanest” comment i ever made so i dont know what you’re referring to on twitter when you said i “gave you shit” before unless you mean the times i pointed out that you posted the wrong chapters after you hadnt fixed it for a couple of hours

    yeah i also overreacted at first by removing my subscription but i really dislike the whole fake “patreon is only for support” yet you post rewards for subscribing

    i also didnt like that little “cheers!” rude imo

    so yeah il stay unsubscribed until you make it more clear on what patreon is actually suppose to be for

    1. I don’t think that you should ever swear in a post, especially if you are “just being sarcastic”. It changes the whole vibe of a comment and makes it an attack.
      From what you are saying, it has happened three times? (though it looks like two) Out of how many posts? And when etvo is having so many double chapter days?
      I’m thinking that etvo only reacted so strongly because she does care.
      Cheers is how some people sign off, very British XD
      And I do understand
      You have no idea how much I understand
      But you also don’t have any idea how much I don’t care…


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