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  1. Well does it matter? Whatever Shit they cook up they die anyway. What i would love to see is a MC that experience Failures. Sees loved ones die…forever ya know. Did anybody read Clan of Otori? It’s a Novel Series in Feudal Nippon. There the MC struggles and sees loved one die. It gives the Story depth and Richness. Wuxia and Xianxia Novels really lose their Charm for me because they are all the same. Just another Story about a Dude who is the uberkiller and nobody can stop him, his dear ones are always in danger but never truly die or lose something (like a leg or something). Sometimes i think “ah maaan…all these uninteresting novels on WW are translated so much…but the interesting stuff only gets 2-3 chapters a week such a shame” but taste is different so don’t mind me much. Off course i always love a good discussion.

  2. Hmm, burning alive while being empaled is the choice i go for,
    But be it as it may, that isn’t why i’m commenting now
    [email protected] IT, LADY ATVO!!! (please don’t take this cursing as an insult to you ma’am, just read further to see why *starts knowtowing* BANG BANG BANG orz)
    Since the advice of yours for Red Packet Server, i can’t stop reading, but only if i really force myself very hard for it!!!
    You, Selutu and Khuja are doing a hell of a job translating and editing it, and it’s soooo good
    I’m really gratefull for the link you’ve posted in the glory of passing the 300 mark for it mark

  3. Not much has changed to be honest. It already felt like Wang Han was being set up as the next Long Yuxue for quite some time. I’m most upset with that sad excuse for a life and death battle they had. Everyone agreed but he got off just by having the sect withdraw? Laaaaaammeeeee.
    Pretty sure reading Emperor’s Domination at the same time is making me a bit biased though. Having the mc kill everyone is addicting xD
    Thanks for the chapter!!

  4. I want a bigger mess! XD
    We like that the villains recognise JCs awesomeness, but when they do the same to someone else… sacred sword palace had basically been on the outs since JC showed up so i just think their betrayal was expected.

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

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