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  1. There’s a passage that says something along the lines of “know the devil’s number and know it can be reckoned as a human one. 616.” in the bible. The interesting bit about this is I believe it to be roman in origin. The romans had a somewhat different system for calculation and alphabet where I believe words and numbers to be related. At the time this phrase was coined or added in, I believe the christians were facing persecution by the Roman Emperor Nero. I think its something along the lines of adding certain numbers associated with Roman Emperor Nero (his birthday?) that yields such a number. The important bit to this is the word “reckoned”. In ancient times, this was also a word that equates to the modern day “calculate”.

    As for why it’s 666 in the modern day, it’s either because of media or how scholars summed up Nero’s birthday because of a difference in mathematics between old and new.

    1. in British English they still use Reckoned. In American English we associate it with hillbillies, rednecks, a southern accent, and general anti-intellectualism

      1. But we are all Daoists here so meh…

        D A R K N E S S
        ………………………….is coming….

  2. I heard that it’s because the number 7 is seen as a holy number in some branches of Christianity. On the contrary 6 is seen as incomplete and thus unholy. I don’t know why it ended up being 666 rather than 666666 though. It could be because the great fire of London happened in 1666 and it spread from there. I’m not 100% sure though so this could be completely wrong.

  3. Umm… no, it actually was 666… but then some guy found out that it could also be translated as 616 because a few of the manuscripts, but the majority of the manuscripts and scholars seem to agree that it is 666…

  4. People normally rhyme “Trick or Treat” with “Smell my feet” and follow it up with “give me something good to eat”

    At least the people I’ve talked to

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