♔ S🌺TR Chapter 626 ♔

It’s another rebellious…

Translated: Lemon

TLC: etvolare

unedited chapter!! Dundundun… heh. Still looking for editors, so if you want to edit, please send in an app through the volare form!

Let’s polish off the post today with a picture of something I glimpsed on my way to dinner. Pic after the jump and not for those who are hungry!

This is one of those dessert stalls where they make the desert right in front of you. This is a pastry with a chewy exterior and various filling inside. The design stamped on these ones are a special for the Full Moon Festival coming up, and I believe it’s red bean and yellow bean custard within.

I came home with one that had a matcha skin, red bean filling, and… a… piece of… …this doesn’t translate… jelly?! Japanese… jelly?! It’s not jelly. @@ Any JP > EN translators in the house? 噘餅! I think without the 口 radical though. Follow my Instagram for more pics!

<3 etvo

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  1. People who are reading this novel can you please tell me what is so great about this novel or unique about this. I read first 2 chapters but it doesn’t caught my attention so please help me out i really want to start new novel so please help me out

    Thank You all for all your comments

    1. *steps up to the plate* If I may…

      Some pretty damn good face slapping and dialogue. The face slapping always gets to me. No draggy cultivation arcs?

      Girls with personality. And where we are in the story, he’s starting to go out in the world and resolving the mystery of his past life. Exciting stuff!

      Oh, and redeemable villains. The villains aren’t one shot wonders who hate the MC and go down in a blaze of glory. Some of them are actually redeemable.

  2. not sure if it’s even japanese, but last character means mochi (glutinous rice), I think like mochi with fillings inside, but wrapped in mooncake.

    side note: I’m having mooncake for lunch too(saw them on sale cheap)

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