♔ S🌺TR Chapter 610 ♔

Another double coming tomorrow!

Translated by: etvolare

Not edited!

Sending out a call for anyone who might be interested in being an editor! What you see is the raw, unedited chapter. This has gone through my translation and translation check. I’m looking for an addition to the team since our increased schedule miiiight just overwork Deyna a bit. Those who like to edit structure and flow, please apply! Not looking for proofreaders who only check grammar and punctuation please~ send me an email at [email protected] with an edit of this chapter in track changes/suggestion mode please!

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  1. Double chapter days are the best days! If only I knew how to edit structure and flow… the part of this post i am most interested in is the mention of am increased schedule, cause that sounds more longterm than just these bonus chapters…

    Or maybe its just wishful thinking on my part XD

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

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