♔ S🌺TR Chapter 600!! ♔

Ermagosh it’s chapter 600!!

Translated by: etvolare

Edited by: Lemon

Sorry for forgetting to post an announcement yesterday! I had it drafted… and forgot to hit post. @@ Shout out and thanks to GZ for doing so for me! Here’s part of what I wrote last night:

Big shout out to Ruze of Legend of the Dragon King! Ruze is our resident hyperactive space kitty, mecha lover, and raw devourer. If you don’t know him, you must surely know his novel! LDK is by Tan Jia San Shao, one of the platinum web novel authors in China and a must read! Part of the Doulou Dalu series, but there no spoilers within!

Didja catch the LCK finals today? Whew!! What a game LZ played!

By the by, I’ll be reading a chapter from DCF and doing a sneak preview of my upcoming novel in roughly 20 hours! Click here for more details. 😀


<3 etvo

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  1. Etvo you lie there are spoilers in it kinda big one which means I deduced too much when I started to read the first one… so when the first one finishes I will have ALOT to read 😀

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