♔ S🌺TR Chapter 595 ♔

Chapter Five Nine Five!

Translated by: Mt. Pillow

TLC: etvolare

Edited by: Deyna

I usually have some TV show running in the background when I translate at night, like white noise. It has to be intriguing enough that I don’t just completely tune it out, but not so gripping that it distracts. I’m blitzing through season 5 of House of Cards… but then I’ll be done… tomorrow I think. I’ve gone through all the Chinese shows/dramas I like, and Japanese requires me to be reading the subtitles. I’ve watched some of Newsroom, but it’s a little too… dramatic, can get exhausting. Any recommendations from folks?

By the by, I’ve started a thread for reporting mistakes and typos on the WW forums. Instead of PMing me or Deyna, please collect them all here!

<3 etvo

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  1. Maybe you could watch some comedy shows? Like How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory or Friends. All of them have many seasons and are enjoyable.

    1. I would second Big Bang Theory and add Two and a half man (season 1-8) or stuff that occasionally comes with some morbid humor like CSI, Criminal Minds or Law and Order.
      Though i sometimes let these show run and fall asleep to them. (Yes i can sleep to a series about a team of profilers trying to cath psychopathic murderers as they commit their deeds)
      Or… i dont know listen to some stupid youtubers talking about … stuff. (CinemaSins, Smoshgames honest trailer series or whatever floats your boat)

  2. Person of interest, bones uhh can’t think of any other suggestions for now… I thought you would be listening to music in the background ever tried epic music? hehe

  3. Thank you for the chapter!

    And need more info on what you like to make a proper recommendation 😛 but for action maybe NCIS (just not the new orleans offshoot, feels like they are trying too hard to be the original).
    For drama maybe breaking bad, which has better call saul when it ends (i still need to watch these ones)
    Comedy maybe modern family?
    If you like food (and who doesnt) the anthony bordain no reservations ones are good… I’ll leave it there.

  4. Thanks for the chapter, haha watching ‘whose line is it anyway’ is great!…. noise wise perhaps try ‘orphan black, the americans, or maybe scandal 🙂

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