♔ S🌺TR Chapter 593 ♔

Bonus release for volare’s Zongheng celebration!

Translated by: etvolare

Edited by: Lemon

[edit] Hurk! Somehow I had the wrong chapter up, but the right teaser. I literally have no idea how I did that.. >.> Sorry to the early birds!

See y’all tonight! 😀 😀

This release is in celebration of volare announcing a partnership with Zongheng yesterday, as well as our first ever direct partnership with an author! Meanwhile, want to check out my other novel — Doomed to be Cannon Fodder? It’s fluffy, and comment sections regularly reach 100+ with fanfics!

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  1. That’s how you get comments, you post the wrong chapter XD you should remember that one XD

    Thanks for the chapter!!! (when it goes up)

    Double chapter days are the best!!!

  2. Yay, bonus chapter, I love bonus chapters. I hope volare gets more partnerships with publishers and authors so we can have more bonus chapters. And…for greater business success, yes, that too.

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