♔ S🌺TR Chapter 592 ♔

Big tidings from volare today!

Translated by: Mt. Pillow

TLC: etvolare

Edited by: Deyna


volare announced a partnership with Zongheng today and our first ever direct partnership with an author! So to celebrate, bonus release of SOTR tomorrow! 😀 In the meanwhile, check out some of our Zongheng novels?

So SKT played KT today, and just about game 2, I got mad depressed and said there would be no chapters today if SKT didn’t win. Thankfully, they did!! So chapter!!


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  1. I was so happy that skt won as well 🙂 I was playing ff9 while popping in and out to check who was winning. I was like nuuuuu you’re supposed to be winning, when they dropped the first two games. Then they started winning and I was like “Yusssssssssss”. I’ll read the new sotr chapters when I’m in a reading mindset. Lately I’ve been in full on gaming mindset xD

  2. Congratulations to volare!

    *in wise sounding voice* Happiness comes from within, do not seek it in the LoL arena… especially when it can AFFECT CHAPTER RELEASES!!! XD

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

    1. Heh, it was very funny to read the SOTR Discord channel, people were asking, “So did SKT win??” and I think the volare gaming channel was muttering about SKT being mobbed by angry readers if they lost. XD

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