♔ S🌺TR Chapter 586 & Contest Winners! ♔

Contest winners after the jump!

Translated by: etvolare

Edited by: Deyna

We’ll start seeing the chapters translated by helper Mt. Pillow tomorrow! And now, thank you for your patience, please find all the contest winners after the jump! And once again, such an immense thank you to Mr. Priest for coordinating all the admin of the contest, this was truly Herculean.

Prizes will be sent out soon, but we seem to be missing the PayPal of some of the winners, so make sure to get back in contact with us!

First Place

Submitter: sekiq

Title: “Princess Gouyu” 


Second Place

Submitter: Stephen Liu

Title: “Menagerie”


Third Place

Submitter: Mr.Melons

Title: “Plunging to the Forbidden Level”


Best Character

Submitter: hikarikagayaku

Title: “Gouyu and Huang’er Together”


Best Scene

Submitter: beansprouts

Title: “Cleaving Long Juxue”


Fan Favorite

Submitter: sekiq

Title: “Princess Gouyu”

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    1. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing! Well, not exactly, but it got pretty close…I was thinking:
      ‘It’s a beautiful picture, it’s a shame her feet are reversed though’,
      ‘Wow I wish I could draw! Not even this well, just at all.’
      ‘I’m hungry. I hope the next chapter will be released soon! I wonder where I can find the other submissions.’
      ‘Do I have any food in the house, I don’t want to walk to the shops.’
      ‘It really is well drawn though; was it drawn by hand?’
      ‘I wonder if it’s physically possible to stand like that?’
      (Upon which I gave it a try and doscovered that it is as long as your knees and waist are somewhat flexible. It is, however, quite uncomfortable)
      So there you have it, some insight into my overactive mind that I’m quite sure absolutely nobody at all cares about… but I’m bored & I can’t sleep so you’re all getting it anyway.
      I think way to much & frequently go off on tangents – often very, VERY odd ones. I always make it back in the end though.

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