♔ S🌺TR Chapter 580 ♔

Chapter up! Heading into some action

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Some good ole face slapping is coming up again. 😀 😀

By the way, there was an author note about Wei Qing.

A quick explanation about Wei Qing dying earlier. Jiang Chen had sworn a heavenly oath not to kill him, but I only meant that Jiang Chen wouldn’t kill him before he left that area. I might not have explained things properly and made it so that readers felt that Jiang Chen went back on the oath. In actuality, it wouldn’t be violating the oath if Jiang Chen killed him afterwards. But thank you to the conscientious readers! Your opinions are precious, and I’ll keep on improving!

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  1. Does a heavenly oath not rely on the meaning the person making the oath has in mind? Always wondered about that. For example: “I will not take this and that from you now.” Could mean not in this instant or in this situation. This day or anything said person understands now to mean. Further more “not take” could also mean “not steal” or “not accept it even if you give it”.
    Just wondering if I understand it right or not.

    Anyways thanks for the chapter. 🙂

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