♔ S🌺TR Chapter 577 ♔

I’m excited…

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Because for the first time in the near 600 chapter of SOTR history, I’ve accepted a translator helper onto the team. I don’t want to be translating the same novel for years and years, just like you guys want to finish reading it faster than that. Here’s to more releases!

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  1. Hooray for more releases! And a possibilty of etvo sleeping at slightly more normal times… unless you get distracted by new shiny novel’s XD

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. its about time. duh! 1 chapter a day for 2000+ chapters aint going nowhere.
    There should be at least goals in patreons and add chapters each goal’s achievement.
    I know you have your own website and translating other nobles too but choosing a completed noble with 2000+ chapter and 7/week+sponsor update without any goals just kills it and this shit is a hot one too. It could be great if we have someone focus translating on this one with more chapters per week and he might even get more patreons. Just sayin

    stop with the flowery words and say it bitches

    1. If I had to do things over again and go back wayyyy 1.5 years ago when I was just joining the web novel scene… I wouldn’t have picked this novel. 😀 To think we started off with 2x chapter a week! That’s a horrifying thought lol. Sadly I’m rather picky about quality and resisted accepting anyone else to the team for the longest time because of it. It’s a good thing that translators aren’t faceless machines to be swapped in and out, eh?

    2. Finally someone sensible. I’d like to add that in between travels and vacations this novel averages around 5 chapters a week(at that rate it will be completed around 2024). Translator opening a Patreon is natural thing but i don’t think they realize that once they do it then it becomes a business. You provide a service and you get paid for it. The way I see it, God DB,RWX and Bao are the only ones that are providing sufficient quality and quantity (thats why i am supporting them). I would be fine if any good novel was made pay to read, but the quantity of chapters should at least match their output.Another thing- a series with at least 1000 translated chapters speaks volumes for the level of professionalism and dedication of the hosting site and without such novel being hosted i wouldn’t take the site seriously (just fyi). So instead of picking up 30 novels with release rate of 2 chapters per week (wtf), why don’t focus your efforts to provide the readers with a completely translated product they can enjoy (is this logic so inconceivable???).

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