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  1. I hate cockroach like mad. Always hate them! Since one time it climbed into my pants and i have the tendency of wearing a long pants. Now everytime i went into my workplace’s WC i am armed with that disinfectant fluid spray.. which smells like Dettol and that kills them in few seconds. Urgh! I run away at the sight of it.

    Thank you for the chapter

  2. Hey Etvo,i have an issue with a detail on this chapter regarding the time for the people to enter.

    First 10 placers has 30 days to gather resources in Mt. Rippling Mirage
    Last ten days (20 days later) are those 11th until 20th
    Last five days (25 days later) are the last batch, from 21st and beyond…

    …if I’m not mistaken.

    But in this chapter, it only says ten days later?

    Also, there was this confusing part where the Longevity Pill was auctioned for 10M Spirit Stones but the Old geezer from Elephant Family only paid 1M. Why? DId I miss anything?

    1. First 10 of each group has 20 days total! Second 10 of each group has 10 days total. Third 10 of each group has 5? days total. I forget the last one.

      It was 10M spirit stones. I think the author typoed there and I’m translating so fast I didn’t catch it. @@

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