♔ S🌺TR Chapter 564 ♔

No internet is deathhhhhh

Edited by: Deyna

So here I am, second day in my new place and I don’t get internet until tomorrow! No wifi=deathhhhhhhh to both me and my cell phone bill this month. T_T

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  1. My thoughts / prayers are with you during these hard times! Your an inspiration to me as you can stay so upbeat whilst suffering so much. XD

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

  2. Maybe it’s a sign to take a nap or watch a movie? ‘Oh no, my internet is down! I guess I’ll have to go out to eat and watch a movie… *sigh* it’s so hard to be me…’

  3. hey wondering if anyone esle having issue with norton saying Volarenovels.com is unsafe sight??I know it not,but it blocking me from accessing it.

    detailed report showing there 2 redirect type deals that it has marked as adware.J/W if someone was doing false report again on it or what up.

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