♔ S🌺TR Chapter 556 ♔

Alright, someone hand me a frying pan!

Edited by: Deyna

There are many villains who are redeemable in SOTR… and then many who just. need. to be smacked. in the face. with a frying pan.

By the way! There will be a fan favorite portion for the SOTR art contest, I’ll ask you all to vote for it, so please keep an eye out!

Patrons, finally caught up with advance chapters after the double. Next double coming when I hit seven advance chapters, alrighty? Rawr!!

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  1. with a frying pan. *continues* made of steel. which is still hot. while hung upside down. getting tickled by the vines of the Lotus of Fire and Ice. which are on fire. and are icy cold.

  2. Yay for future double chapters! Also thanks for todays chapter!

    How satisfying is it though when they do get their faces slapped by JC? … the buildup to the face slap does sometimes drive me crazy XD

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