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  1. Thank you etvo and deyna

    In germany number we call numbers like that (555, 44, 8888) are made up of the same letter “schnapszahl”. That roughly translates to booze number. When you meet numbers like them, it’s said that you have to drink a little cup. So bottoms up 😉

    1. Or if your age/birthday is a “schnapszahl” it is expected to be celebrated on the day with a drink at least. (if it is a week day it will usually be just some glasses of beer/wine/liquor with close friends/family and more at the weekend ofc)

      I think the “Xenophobe`s guide to the germans” had a pretty fitting description:
      [about customs and traditions]:
      “[…]. Most are a more or less elaborate ritual preparation for the consumption of enormous amounts of beer.[…]”

  2. In the US no phone numbers start with 555, so to avoid accidentally using someone’s real number in a movie or TV show they use 555. Here is another joke to reward all your hard work.

    I had a dream that I was a muffler last night. I woke up exhausted!

  3. The significance of number 555?
    one step away from 666, I guess?
    nope, nothing comes in mind, not even a thing from the locals at the dutch farmer village i live at (and the villages surounding it, and i know because i work at the local grocerie store😑)
    Anyway, congrats with this milestone called triple five!

  4. Thanks for the chapte! Now for some random 555 facts XD
    ● 555 timer IC, a classic integrated circuit chip that has numerous timer and multivibrator applications, and historically widely used in electronics
    ● The telephone exchange for fictitious phone numbers in US movies and video games—see 555 (telephone number) and North American Numbering Plan.
    ● The number of keyboard sonatas written by Domenico Scarlatti, according to the catalog by Ralph Kirkpatrick.
    ● The Thai version of lol in a text conversation. “5” in Thai is pronounced “ha”, so three of them would be “hahaha.”
    ● The approximate height of the Washington Monument in feet.

    1. ‘The approximate height of the Washington Monument in feet.’

      How many arms is that? lol

      Only meaning I can immediately think of is 666 compared to the ‘godly’ 777, basically past, present and future all one step short of perfection (aka forever 2nd place). Guess 555 would then be ‘forever very far from perfect’.

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