♔ S🌺TR Chapter 553 ♔

Aww you guys had such nice comments in the last post!

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So, so (after Gdocs froze my laptop) have a double! 😀 😀 This chapter is brought to us courtesy of Shawn of Canada, Bernardo C. of Chile, and Paul M. of Canada! Ayyyy to the countries that start with C!

And this *finally* concludes all the chapters I owed folks from last year’s double donation special. *gulp* Thank you so much for your patience! I got to them in the end! *mutters that she shouldn’t have raised the schedule to 7x a week so quickly*. This is why I took down the donation button by the way, I feel that Patreons got bang for their buck more quickly. @@

Speaking of which, Patrons, since we did an early double, I’m still working on advance chapter #5!

<3 etvo

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  1. I now feel so motivated to comment (especially after your previous encouragement)

    On the plus side of increasing to daily releases, even though it took you longer to clear the sponsored chapters it did mean we got to enjoy random double release days!

    1. Yeah, I really feel the same way. When there is a random double, that day cannot be a bad day.
      Every morning I wake up, I’m looking for the first spare time I might find, just to read this.

      Even in work, I check my phone every two hours just to see if a surprise double is released or not.
      I’m really a great fan of yours, etvo

      1. I was listening to “One Winged Angel” and was just about to post my own chapters to my story when I saw this update just now.

        So then… I was like.


        Updates will do later. Gotta read one of my favorite stories here in WW first.

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