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  1. Two things make this happen, and I rather enjoy it as well. To start with, Jiang Chen isn’t exactly a typical protagonist. He’s very much willing to let bygones be bygones, so long as the antagonist is sincere. Secondly, antagonists in this series seem able to own up to their own wrong-doings. Well.. more than a handful, anyway.

  2. I highly enjoyed this interview. It gave me a deeper understanding on the source of one of my greatest joys in life and one of my favorite translation teams.

    Thanks so much for all that ya’ll do!!! <3

    I also agree about the redeeming of villainous characters this novel does. In so many ways this novel has a very deep and mature aspect to it. I would expect that from an author that attempts to create a story about an MC who was basically the highest, or near so, Gods son, who'd focused their life on learning about everything. There is many things that make this novel fresh and attractive to me after I've lost interest in many others from somewhat repetitive things. I'm a monstrous seeker of knowledge and truth myself, thus I really can relate to an enjoy such a MC and novel like this.

    Thanks again for bringing this to me!!!

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