♔ S🌺TR Chapter 546 ♔

Perfect day for a double!

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  1. Are there any cultivation/xianxia/whatever stories with female MCs? I’m really curious to see how a Chinese author would write such a plot. The same old sexualized stuff really bores me. ‘Hero resists feminine wiles’ or some variation thereof, againandagainandagain. At this point I avoid pretty much anything with a ‘harem’ tag if I can help it. Not to mention the stories are pretty sexist, but the last time I said that I got accused of white-knighting so whatever.

    It’s funny, I got sick of all the female protagonists in native English webserials (it was too much at attempting to create an underdog, it got old), and now this.

    Hey Etvolare, I wouldn’t mind if you gave writing a shot .

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