♔ S🌺TR Chapter 533 ♔

FGO NA server has gone live~

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The volare staff started playing on the FGO NA server today, anyone out there playing? Leave a friend code in the comments if you want to add! I lucked out and got Waver and Her on my first preroll. <3 <3 (miss my Kiyo and Robin though.. *sniff*)

Guys, THREE DAY COUNTDOWN FOR THE SOTR CHAPTER 500 ART CONTEST! Please find rules and prizes here, don’t forget to send in your submission!

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<3 etvo

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    1. Fate Grand Order. If went live recently internationally. It’s a gatcha style game. Pull/roll for characters and play the game. A friend of my plays it.

  1. Wrong chapter on the patreon page 🙁

    I rerolled for a bit and settled on waver to save my sanity rip my waifu saber

    Did u play on the Japanese version?

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