♔ S🌺TR Chapter 531 ♔

Here’s the chapter I owed ya from earlier this month!

Edited by: Deyna

Apologies for the slowness. The general madness of this month (of which we’ll be seeing some important announcements soon!) has really did me in. I’ll be moving this weekend, so cheers to having my own place again and being able to concentrate on translating! It’s actually dreadfully hard to concentrate when family is interrupting you every five minutes. XD

Guys, ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN FOR THE SOTR CHAPTER 500 ART CONTEST! Please find rules and prizes here, don’t forget to send in your submission!

Quick shout out to Red Packet Server on volare, currently in the midst of a week of mass releases. If you fancy a chat group of real world connecting to the deities in the Heavenly Court, then real world meeting chat server… come on over!

And finally, I can offer up advance chapters for Patrons, apologies for the wait! 4.X advance chapters available at the moment, otherwise see you tomorrow!

<3 etvo

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  1. You’ve been moving a lot these last months. Why don’t just you put your estate in some dimensional ring? Would save you some trouble! Oh well, anyway, good luck and welcome home 🙂

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