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  1. i third that on permission to sleep, after youre done with the chapters, but just because im very happy with the work youre doing on volare, so for now you can sleep =P

  2. Ohh nooo I am so sorry but.., but.. but we love you so much! pls go take a nap ( a short one after that…) *takes out whip* (GO BACK TO TRANSLATE MUHAHAH) *Whip sounds*

    But sireously pls take your rest you deserv it we are just SOOO enthralld by the story that we can barely think other than thank you and your welcome and FIRST xD

  3. *sigh* sleep regularly huh….well, as long as it doesn’t affect the translation speed…sleep as much as you want~
    well, still, take care of yourself…and dont get sick…never…ever!
    Thank you!!!

    1. he still uses the birds, so it would be really hard for him to forget it, if the author didnt forget lol, but i dont think he has enough power yet, and it doesnt make much of a difference since the dude there can sleep for years and not that much time passed anyway

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