♔ S🌺TR Chapter 516 ♔

Le stockpile begins!!! Waheyyy

Edited by: Deyna

I am officially done with TLCing GDK and got a huge head start on Doomed to be Cannon Fodder today, so here’s to some SOTR stockpiling tomorrow!! All reward tiers have been adjusted on Patreon in advance, with more chapters trickling down, and I have *so pumped* to up the release rate!

By the by, Deyna and I had a tag team effort going today, and he wrote what he thought would happen halfway through the chapter as he waited for me. I think I almost like this version better. SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP!

PS. I has a personal IG now, if any of y’all want to follow it. Yes, it was repurposed from the volare IG. XD Still debating if I should do the same with the Twitter… thoughts?

<3 etvo

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