♔ S🌺TR Chapter 499-500!!!!!! ♔

So this chapter was so horrifically boring… in my opinion, that I felt you guys would riot if I posted it by itself.

I almost didn’t post anything, thank Gwynnie. 😛 Evidence of his misdeeds are in the WW Discord! Harrrumph 😛

So I do like to sprout random things in the announcement, thank you guys for humoring me. 😀 😀 I really like interacting with readers.

Now onto the double!

Both edited by: Deyna

And now to celebrate chapter 500 of SOTR!!! I got a bit emotional when I started translating chapter 500. Like oh my goodness. 500 chapters in 1.5 years. Wuarghhhhhhh! *explodes in a fluffy manner* Rules after the jump!

Art Contest Celebrating 500 Chapters of SOTR

  • Contest to run from May 26 to midnight, GMT+8 June 30.
  • Please illustrate your favorite scene, character(s) or a combination from SOTR.
  • Please send submissions to [email protected] with your name, title of the piece, submission category, and PayPal email in event of winning. The lovely MrPriest is helping me run the admin side of things. Thank you!
  • A panel of judges will pick the winners, the more impressive your creation, the greater likelihood of winning!
  • Prizes:
    • Overall 1st Place: $100
    • Overall 2nd Place: $75
    • Overall 3rd Place: $50
    • Best Scene: $50
    • Best Portrait: $50
    • Fan Favorite: $50
  • The overall categories is simply picking from the entire submission pool, so the most thoughtful and inspiring ones will prevail!
  • Please note that with your submission, you are granting me permission to display on WW or any of volare’s social media + site, with proper credits of course. I want everyone to see your lovely work!

Questions? Comments? I tried to make this straightforward so it’s less confusing!

<3 etvo

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  1. I’d like to ask if all the prizes of the previous event has been cashed in? Especially the first place prize of getting double releases(not sure if it was double or something) from a whole arc depending on the winner when he would cash it in.

  2. Congratulations on 500 etvo 🙂

    I knew you’d stop them lynching me at the 11th hour, it was like giving in to terrorism – I’m encouraged and emboldened now!
    Mostly kidding! Thanks again for the chapters <3

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