♔ S🌺TR Chapter 495 ♔

Oh my! The secret’s out! XD

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I am indeed a Trekkie (TNG my bae!) and I was so gleeful at being able to slip that reference in. XD For those of you who aren’t fans, aka… likely anyone outside of North America? “Live long and prosper” is a quote from a very famous representative of a group of peoples.

And alright, I am getting sewwwww disturbed by the Jiang Chen and old men and lubricant talks, lol. But I knew that would be trouble as soon as it walked in~

Props if you got that reference. XD

<3 etvo

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  1. Actually, the influence of Star Trek is almost global. I know there was some mention of it in Vietnam during the war, to the point where some CSS units used ‘trekie’ phrases as fire commands, not to mention loads of books of it, like the old Star Trek Logs. The British, for all their sins, did manage to get an English speaking empire where the sun doesn’t set.

  2. I don`t think one has to be a trekkie to get the “Live long and prosper.” reference, just watch a few episodes of Star Trek in english and you are good.
    Heck i did not even see a single episode in english (watched maybe a couple eps in german if i was bored and nothing better was airing) and still got the reference.
    Though the german translation goes like “Lebe lang und in Frieden.” directly translated that would be “Live long and peacefully/ at peace.”

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