♔ S🌺TR Chapter 489 ♔

No, I really think the crystals were fossilized poop…

This is unedited, please note that this is unedited! I was spending some time TLC’ing a group novel today. 🙂

I’m also here to tease that in honor of chapter 500 of SOTR, which we’ll hit in less than two weeks (or even sooner if I do a few more double release days!), I will be holding an fan art contest with cash prizes! I don’t have much of an outline other than picking three winners + a crowd favorite, but I’ll announce it when we hit chapter 500 and have it run for roughly a month. Artists in the crowd, ready your brushes!

And folks, please read the following that I posted just two days ago about the schedule: I dialed back on the double release days this month because I am getting bashed over the head with requests for advance chapters on Patreon like I’ve been able to get going for GDK. So attempting to have a stockpile first that satisfies that, then back to to our double release days!

Just a reminder that threatening translators or filling up comment sections/PMs with complaints is just about the most demotivating behavior ever. I have a schedule, I keep to it. When one set of readers is being polite about wanting more releases… and another again sprouting variations of how much I suck… it’s rather obvious which one I’d rather work on, extra. Eh?

<3 etvo

3 thoughts on “♔ S🌺TR Chapter 489 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’m here to complain about people who is always complaining, complainception, but dont let that get to you Etvo, even “crazy” people like Cktalon when hes releasing a bajillion chapters still get some shit, and pretty much every chapter out now of most novels is just complaint after complaint about everything, people have nothing better to do

  2. it actually is fecal matter (it’s said in exactly those words in chapter 487)

    also miss etvo, don’t take that bs seriously as the saying goes haters gonna hate and it doesn’t matter if you release 1, 2 or 10 chapters/day there will be ppl that think you “have” to release more because they never had to translate anything and don’t know how hard it is but the rest of us love you for your hard work 😛

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