♔ S🌺TR Chapter 487 ♔

I was so unimpressed with FW that I’m not supporting them at MSI…

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I like to support teams that show high skill, the one game I saw from FW, it felt like the whole team was tilting…. majorly. ><

I’m also here to tease that in honor of chapter 500 of SOTR, which we’ll hit in less than two weeks (or even sooner if I do a few more double release days!), I will be holding an fan art contest with cash prizes! I don’t have much of an outline other than picking three winners + a crowd favorite, but I’ll announce it when we hit chapter 500 and have it run for roughly a month. Artists in the crowd, ready your brushes!

And well, I dialed back on the double release days this month because I am getting bashed over the head with requests for advance chapters on Patreon like I’ve been able to get going for GDK. So attempting to have a stockpile first that satisfies that, then back to to our double release days!

<3 etvo

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