♔ S🌺TR Chapter 460 ♔

Loved the Great Cathedral speculation last chapter!

What you guys were saying in the comments — I hadn’t even thought of!

I also stumbled upon some interesting reader comments about SOTR in the CoSP TOC, had to borrow two of them since they were so nicely done. What do you guys think, agree/not?

(And a big <3 to the two I borrowed from!)


First 150 (or more) chapters of SOTR are mostly introduction or the begining, the MC is weak yet he strives to survive and make it out of the tiny place he was reincarnated. I’d call these chapters “to abdicate the mundane”. Next there is an arc when he makes it into a sect. From here it goes more interesting but not so good yet, the real thing or the real begining, as I think, starts from chapters 600-800, I don’t remember correctly, from there it can be considered top lvl novel, caz it doesn’t drop up the lvl till the end



SOTR is a prime example of this mainly because the truly interesting points are in the subtle details that you will notice when you read the whole story while still keeping it in your active memory and will reading ahead because when they are read together it gives us more that their sum because of all the derivations and asociations you can make. Remember even though Jiang Chen is a million year old monster and has ton of theories, you can’t be the winner of the wimbledon if you have never held a tennis bat even if you are the foremost athority on the knowledge of the game. Jiang Chen loves martial arts and it is his million year regret not being able to practice it. The growth of his dao heart is something very subtle and has to be felt more than read. Same goes for his relations and conflicts he sees. He doesn’t have the experience dealing with these first hand because the martial dao was sealed of for him and he was but an outsider. Jiang Chen has a calm and peacefull dao heart that hides countless variations and viscitudes while also having the quality of youth.

Mostly This is one amazing novel that you shouldn’t take at face value and give it a fair chance after it has build up a decent stack of chapters.

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