♔ S🌺TR Chapter 459 ♔

Wozzie you were way too fast!

I didn’t even announce the chapter yet! *plots to release more chapters tomorrow to take everyone off guard*. Wait, will it still be a surprise now that I’ve talked about it? 😀

Special shout out to our new friends at The Charm of Soul Pets, a most different selection on Wuxiaworld! I liken it to Pokemon in ancient China. But… bloody. T_T It’s also edited by Studmonster — who long time SOTR readers will recognize as one of the original editing crew! Much <3, give them a gander when you’re done here!

<3 etvo

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  1. Thanks for the chapter etvo! After all the mocking you… now I’m sick – guess I’ll take a day off and reread SOTR – life is hard!

    Also, absolutely agree with charm of the soul pets – I read it, and was like wow (I liked it). Pokemon, but sometimes a little dark…

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