♔ S🌺TR Chapter 457 ♔

Big term change coming up!

This has actually been bothering me for a while, and I wanted to see if I could sweep it under the rug… but that is a sign that something should be changed! I feel that I was a bit too hasty in naming the “Upper Eight Realms, Mid 32 Realms, and Lower 16 Realms”. I got much too excited when I saw the note about Jiang Chen’s mother (eep! Hope this wasn’t a spoiler!) in chapter… 200 or something? Or 100 something? And promptly named it “realm”, thinking this is our huge tie-in to the title.

Effective immediately, with retroactive changes coming later, I’m changing all those “realms” to “regions”. Upper Eight Regions, Mid Thirty Two Regions, and Lower Sixteen Regions everyone! I don’t think realms has quite arrived in SOTR yet…

There was a lot of “derp??” moments when flying was mentioned last chapter, and here’s my take on it, illustrated by Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!

It’s likely that those in the sage realm can fly like the girl does, upwards at 0:20. Those before the sage realm can likely do “elongated hops”, like on the water starting 0:24. Those in the sky sage realm who can “really fly and fight in the sky” are probably doing something like 0:30, with much less support needed.

Yeah? My best take in any case. 😀

<3 etvo

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  1. Okay, thanks etvo, this makes sense now. Btw, near the end when she was trying to get him to fall off… she should have just chopped the bamboo.

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