♔ S🌸TR Chapter 437 ♔

Skimming for 15 seconds isn’t any better lol!

Special dedication goes out to FortColors, Adstellarum, sovereignzane, YellowChopsticks, and George McDuck — as well as anyone else I chat with regularly in Discord but cannot remember at the moment since it’s 2am. T_T Forgive meh~

<3 etvo

13 thoughts on “♔ S🌸TR Chapter 437 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I would never skim a chapter 15 seconds! What kind of readers do you take us for?

    I need at least 20 seconds to skim, I’m not the fastest reader.

  2. Its not because that were rude about skimming the chapters. And its not about us asking you to skip filler chapters. It’s about the fact that we get one chapter a day and there is anticipation building up! When you release this chapter, which is not as good as the other ones, you should expect us to just skim it. We wanna all get to the juicy parts of the story. And especially when there is a delay in the chapters, people get more excited and expectations are high. If you were reading a book like harry potter, and you only got one chapter per day to read FILLER, you would be aggravated as well!

    What I suggest for you to do is to just not release anything for like 2 days and build up the chapters so you can release like 3 of them at once. That way people aren’t looking at fillers for 3 days straight and can get the chapters all at once. You can even ask for more donations to release 3 chapters at once, you know i’d donate for that!

    And again, im not blaming you for delaying the release of the chapters, im just giving reasons as to why people were rude about skimming the text. :S

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